State of Play (2003)

            State of Play              

NETFLIX SYNOPSIS:  Powerful politico Stephen Collins (David Morrissey) is embroiled in a scandal when his research assistant dies in a freak accident and his former campaign manager Cal McAffrey (John Simm), now a reporter, realizes the incident may be linked to the death of a drug dealer. As McAffrey digs deeper, he uncovers a dangerous connection between government and big business in this exciting conspiracy thriller from the BBC.

REVIEW:  This was sooo good! Another fine mini-series from the BBC. Very involved, intricate story w/nice twists and turns. Corporate and political corruption, scandals & sex & murder, what more could you ask for? The acting is superb, movie-quality (in fact, several of the main actors are in the movie biz).

There is a film-version due out next year, kind of like what they did w/”Traffic” I’m assuming. I actually prefer the mini-series versions. This longer format gives the actors the opportunity to really get inside their characters and develop them over the course of the whole show.

4 stars


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